Once we have put you on the schedule, we come out within the selected

dates discussed via phone or email (*depends on weather and our availability).

We bring all of our own equipment and most of our customers are either

working or in and out throughout the day so when we get there, we ring the

doorbell to let anyone who happens to be home know that we will be cleaning

the gutters.

We get up there and clean out all the gutters and the downspouts, making

sure there are no clogs and that everything’s running properly.

When we are finished, we clean up after ourselves, bag up the debris, and

generally leave the bags by the garbage can.

If no one is home we leave the bill in the mailbox, we just ask that you when you

see the Invoice you call in with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) or mail

in the payment promptly.  


*Our work is always weather permitting. We do our best to service all of our customers before snow or freezing temperatures but this is not always possible with the unpredictable Chicago weather. If the weather prevents us from coming out within the projected dates, we will resume the cleanings as soon as we have safe working conditions.


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