Gutters are arguably the single most important piece of a homes

strucutters are arguably the single most important piece of a home's
structure, next to the roof, doors… umm, outside walls, porch ('cause
we like sitting on them in the summer☺) and maybe the foundation
is important too. If your house were a medieval knight, then the
gutters would be his armor, or at least his shield or metal hat…

The gutters keep evil rainwater from pouring from under the
roof and into the walls and siding of your house. With no gutters, the house’s wood would quickly rot and look like that old soggy stuff you see lying around out by the side of the swamp. That stuff falls apart easily when you kick it (cool for swamp wood, but not so much for house wood).
Furthermore, gutters keep the water from pouring into the cracks in
the side of the house and sidewalk, which in turn keeps the cement
and foundation from cracking. Foundation cracking is really, really
bad, and fixing it costs more than a car (more than fixing a car?
more than a brand new car?).

Also, when leaves accumulate, they cause rainwater to
settle, making a nice place for mosquitos, rats, and other nasty
scoundrels to eat and procreate (Ewwww) .If the leaves are left into the summer, they can dry out and create
kindle for an unexpected house fire.

These are just a few of the reasons that keeping your
gutters clean is a great idea...along with the fact that you don’t want to be nasty.

we love cleaning them!

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